All Done

August 21, 2017 at 9:36 pm (Uncategorized)

The fresh cut flower project I’ve worked on this summer is done this week! There were several sets: some in each of the two high tunnels and another group in the greenhouse. Cultivars were:

  • Amaranthus caudatus ‘Red’
  • Calendula ‘Princess Golden’
  • Celosia ‘Celway Mix’
  • Centaurea ‘Classic Artist Mix’
  • Gomphrena ‘Ping Pong Mix’
  • Verbena bonariensis ‘Finesse’

There were also three cultivars of Eustoma: ‘Doublini White’, ‘Rosanne Green’ and ‘Echo Blue’, all of which were used as edge rows since there aren’t many plants. There were also some miscellaneous cut zinnias for the edge rows: ‘Giant Wine’, ‘Oklahoma Mix’, ‘Edwardian Mix’, ‘Giant Cactus Mix’, and ‘Peppermint Stick’.

Some random notes:

  • Amaranth and gomphrena never did produce stems long enough to use. Amaranth is a short day plant, which explains that one. Not sure what’s up with gomphrena, although they do prefer warm temps. No insect or disease issues though.
  • Calendula is hard on hands and I had to wear gloves to work with the plants. Stems are sticky and irritating to skin. They are aphid and thrips magnets too, although they produced like crazy.
  • Some of the celosia plants still haven’t produced a flowering stem mature enough to cut. The stems are brittle too but no insect or disease problems of note.
  • Had big problems with Centaurea – most likely aster yellows. I lost all of the plants in the greenhouse and about half of those in the high tunnels. Those left have produced a multitude of stems but many are short. Ants love these things too.
  • Verbena ‘Finesse’ is an interesting plant with very long, tall, square stems. Flowers are not terribly showy. It would make a good filler but not very striking on its own.
  • Eustoma is glacial so don’t be in any hurry with it. The seeds were sown in December 2016 but the first flowering stems weren’t cut until July 14, 2017 (‘Doublini White’), July 5 (‘Rosanne Green’), or July 12 (‘Echo Blue’). Stems are usable lengths (data yet to be analyzed) and they last at least 10 days in the vase (personal observation).
  • The zinnias are a mixed bag. Favorites are the smaller-flowered ‘Edwardian Mix’ and ‘Oklahoma Mix’ but they have short stems. The other cultivars are larger-flowered with longer stems but not nearly as attractive; ‘Peppermint Stick’ is the exception.

I’ve got lots of numbers to crunch!

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